Further two-manning adventures: Malygos 10

Took us two wipes to figure out a workable strategy – the third pull was a kill.

Alieth was elemental and our primary source of DPS in the first two phases, tossing heals on me when necessary (Malygos still puts out a fairly respectable amount of damage). He also did his best to get sparks down and overlap them as much as possible – on our winning attempt, we killed all sparks before they reached Malygos and, as a result, we went into phase 3 with 5 minutes left on the berserk timer.

In phase 3, I focused on DPSing Malygos and keeping the stacks of Engulf in Flames going (I had 26 stacks by the end of it), and Alieth focused on keeping both of us healed. We had about 30 seconds to spare on the berserk timer when we killed him.


2 Responses to “Further two-manning adventures: Malygos 10”

  1. Do you think it could be soloable by a hunter at any point?

    • Possibly in the future, with a few more tiers of gear.

      The main issue (beyond the default ones of keeping your pet alive in phase 1, killing sparks in a timely manner, not pulling threat off your pet and surviving in phase 2) is the berserk timer.

      If you’re alone in phase 3, you’ll have to keep yourself healed (vs. both Surge of Power and the static fields) _and_ put out enough DPS to keep Engulf in Flames rolling. When we tried it that way – with both of us DPSing, shielding and healing depending on who got focused – we could keep ourselves alive fine, but ran into the berserk timer around… 20% I think it was. Stacks just kept falling off.

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