Wishful thinking: Need Before Greed

(This post brought to you by 5-man PuGs.)

I wish two changes were made to the Need Before Greed system that is used for rolls in random 5-man dungeons:

  1. You can only needroll profession patterns (BoP or not) if you currently have that profession and you have the skill necessary to learn it. There could be a 10-point leeway (so for instance, you can needroll profession patterns that require up to 350 skill to learn if you’re currently at 340), to avoid people missing out if they’re not that far from being able to learn it.
  2. If you needroll a BoE item, it automatically becomes soulbound and may not be traded (or may only be traded to other group members who rolled need). This allows people who genuinely need the item to get it, but people who simply want to throw it at the AH won’t be able to unless they’ve won it on a greedroll. A warning pop-up (“Need-rolling this item will bind it to you”) should be implemented so people aren’t taken unawares by the change.

Hell, even just the latter would make me really happy. I’m sick of people needrolling BoE blues and epics – especially the world drops –  when they have better already, won’t equip it and obviously just want to sell it on the AH.


One Response to “Wishful thinking: Need Before Greed”

  1. I see this sometimes and usually what happens is I point it out (or someone else does) and then the person gets kicked. Because no one likes a selfish greedy bastard. :)

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