The little disc priest who could

Meet Truthful, the little project who’s been occupying most of my spare time.

I’ve been wanting to level a priest for a while. I had originally created Truthful as a draenei, back when I was playing mainly alliance-side, but got bored of playing her around level 22 or so, when I left the draenei area. The random dungeon finder didn’t exist back then, soloing was painfully slow and the quests were making me want to punch something. So I stopped. (That character’s still on my old alliance server – I don’t have the heart to ever delete old characters… my server list is insanely cluttered as a result.)

Now, with the questing changes in the old world and everything, I thought it might be a good time to give the priest class another shot, so I recreated her as a blood elf. I had grand plans of questing my way through the old world, but then I looked at the talent trees and decided to try being a smite-build disc healer, and… let’s just say I did 15-70 pretty much entirely through instances, with the notable exception of 40-45 (I was sick and tired of the idiots in the RDF, and I wanted to try the new Felwood).

Anybody who’s ever interacted with me ingame for longer than a few days will tell you one thing: I don’t like healing. I really, really don’t like healing. I was pressured to do it throughout vanilla, even though all I really wanted was to tank. I still occasionally tanked despite the pressure, and the moment TBC hit, I specced full feral and never looked back.

How that meshes with being a healer priest… not terribly well. Healing can be fun under the right conditions, especially smite-healing; if everybody plays well, runs are fast and smooth and I don’t have to just tunnel-vision Grid.

On the other hand, when things go pearshaped, being a healer turns me into a raging, frothing “oh god stop being stupid this shouldn’t be hard” monster much, much faster than being a tank or a DPS. I have seriously lost count of the amount of times I called people idiots.

For your entertainment, here’s a quick list of what the RDF has thrown at me so far. Numbers aren’t fully exact, because I didn’t really keep track, but they’re close enough.

1 group who felt it was a good idea to vote-kick me for objecting to somebody needrolling on items they couldn’t even equip. (This was in the low 20s, and it was at a time when healers were so scarce in the RDF that I had instant queue pops, while tanks and DPS had to wait 10-20 minutes at least for a healer to show up.)

8 tanks who justified mistakes with “sorry man, I’m really stoned”. One of these was an excellent, above-average tank who made only the one mistake (there was a crowd-controlled mob in the back which I had to draw his attention to). The others held aggro much like a sieve holds water.

9 tanks who were so undergeared I had more health than them as a priest. They all were wearing mostly sub-60 plate and mail at level 67+, and they all justified it with a variation of “oh I’ve just not been need-rolling on things because I have enough honor to buy the full PVP set at 70”. They all had a penchant for pulling entire rooms then whining when they died in two globals.

2 paladin tanks who tanked in healing gear (some of which was mail, leather and cloth) and didn’t understand why this was a bad idea.

3 paladin tanks who forgot Righteous Fury.

5 paladin tanks who kept asking for mana breaks because they insisted on tanking with Seal of Truth rather than Insight.

12 “DPS” death knights and paladins running with Blood Presence or Righteous Fury on, and refusing to switch them off despite being asked to do so repeatedly. (After a while, I just stopped healing them, at which point they got the hint.)

4 of the above who were fully protection or blood specced, and didn’t seem to understand that these really aren’t DPS trees. (They weren’t tanks who’d mistakenly queued as DPS, either – when the tank inevitably dropped group in frustration, we tried to get them to tank to no avail.)

12 really excellent lvl58-60 death knight tanks. Color me surprised and impressed.

2 excellent hunters who knew what a tanking pet is and how to use it. With the first, I two-manned Magmus in BRD (a rogue ran ahead and pulled him, locking the tank and the third DPS out, then ate floor before I could get to him). With the second, I cleared normal Shattered Halls from Nethekurse onward, after our (godawful) tank dropped group. Took less time to clear it with the hunter’s pet tanking than it would’ve to get another tank.

2 tanks who pulled Sarannis in Botanica with her entire group of trash. They died, the rest of the group lived (through a combination of Fade and Psychic Scream on my part to avoid getting slaughtered)… and they were properly apologetic and complimentary afterwards. (“Wow, that was my bad, sorry, awesome job healer.” Color me amazed.)

Entirely too many cocky DPSers who would run ahead and pull entire rooms, or AoE things was trying to pull them back, then ate floor and reacted with “wtf healer”.

Entirely too many cocky tanks who would run ahead and pull entire rooms while I was drinking or zoning in, then ate floor and reacted with “wtf healer”.

A lot and a lot of cloth-wearing caster DPS who need-rolled everything they could, even if the item in question was completely useless for them (healing / spirit trinkets on mages and warlocks make kittens cry). Then they’d yell and bitch and complain at me for daring to also need-roll. Especially when I won. Ugh.

And above all, lots of people standing in bad then blaming me when they died. Hisssssss.

Without the good groups, I think I would’ve respecced to shadow a long, long time ago.

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