Earning gold is NOT HARD

So I’m levelling a second hunter. I started because I wanted to see the goblin starter area, and then continued because the revamped old world quests are fun (and I’ve almost ran out of stable space on my lvl85 hunter, but there still are plenty of pretty pets I want to tame).

Now, I don’t know about your server – maybe mine is just special (and by special, I mean stupid) – but I always see people begging for gold in tradechat and the like. And I have no idea why. I mean, they clearly find it hard to earn gold somehow, but…

Here, take my little goblin hunter alt. She has no heirlooms; the only advantage she has over a “normal” lowbie character is 4 16-slot bags. I sent her no gold, because I like my alts to be independent if I can at all manage it. She has no professions, either – well, she’s Herbalism / Alchemy, but her Alchemy is at 16 (because of the goblin racial – otherwise it’d be at 1) and her Herbalism is at 41 (I outleveled the gathering skill pretty fast, a problem I’ve already had on other characters), so she might as well have none for the purposes of this post since she’s making no profit from them.

The extent of her interactions with the AH consists of a few visits a day, whenever I’m near one, to list things as quickly as possible then go back to levelling.

How much gold does she have? Here, have a screenshot.

Considering my gold-making method on her can be summed up with “sell everything I can’t use as quickly as possible”, that’s not bad. I would’ve hit 1k gold earlier (around level 25), but I spent about 100g on renaming two pets and another 200g or so on glyphs, since my scribe’s still on another server.

For the curious, here’s what I’ve been selling:

  • Linen Cloth (10-30g / stack)
  • Wool Cloth (30-40g / stack)
  • Random green items (99s to 15g each, depending on the item – and I’m being very unscientific about it, using “are the stats on this thing any good” as a meter of judgement for prices; I could probably get more if I priced each item more carefully, but I’d rather be levelling)
  • The Green Wing Macaw vanity pet (50g each, found two before I outleveled Deadmines)
  • Profession patterns (1-100g each depending on the pattern; some were random world drops, some limited-supply items from vendors)

If I had two gathering professions and I could be bothered keeping them up-to-date I’d be making even more gold, considering the current prices for lowbie herbs and minerals. And still, people seem to be having issues earning enough. I don’t get it.


3 Responses to “Earning gold is NOT HARD”

  1. I’ve never found any problems earning gold in WoW and I’ve been employing the same method as you really (and more ofc). Everything that isn’t gray can be sold.

    I remember when I first got my hunter to lvl 80 (my first maxed char), I already had several thousand gold and had spent many thousands more on pets, mounts, items, etc.

    And then I have lots of guildies with less than five thousand gold to their name on their maxed characters that they’ve played for years…. I think it comes down to a lack of understanding and fear of the Auction House. If it doesn’t come naturally to you to go in there, check it out and learn the value of different items, you probably won’t be doing it in the future either.


    • I guess so, but at the same time – you’d think that sooner or later they would figure it out. Especially if they’re in a guild, or they have friends in the game, and they get told “start selling things on the AH” whenever they complain about their lack of gold.

      I can’t remember when I figured out the AH – it was a gradual process. I started out buying items from themre and then I started thinking “hmm, i wonder if this thing I found that’s completely useless to me would sell”. It baffles me that not everybody would do the same.

      • Kyle Harrison Says:

        All I’ve been doing on the auction house is buying and selling cloth and manipulating the prices and I made 1k gold in about 4 days. I’ts really not that bad. just needs commitment

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