Two-manning Kael’thas Sunstrider

I told Alieth to post about this, but he’s not, so I am. (He says he’s sorry.)

We two-manned Kael’thas Sunstrider. No, not the one in Magister’s Terrace – the raid boss.

Kael’thas has been soloed, but that was on the Cataclysm beta, by a Death Knight blood tank in full T11. (Go look at the video if you want to see how he did it.)

We did it as an Elemental Shaman (Alieth; he is main spec Restoration, but we did not have the necessary damage output without him as Elemental) and a Feral Druid (Aeliel; I’m dual-spec Feral, I was in tanking spec and tanking gear for this). For those reading this in the future, Alieth is by now wearing a handful of ilvl359 epics in addition to his ilvl346 blues; as for me, I’m in mostly ilvl346 blues, with the exception of a green stamina trinket (because I haven’t seen Leaden Despair drop), a green relic and an ilvl333 blue staff. Better gear will only make this easier.

The fight takes quite a while. It’s also trial-and-error and even when we got the first few phases down, we had it happen that Alieth had more threat than I did on Kael’thas when he activated and so I got mind controlled, which equalled a wipe.

We activated him, then high-tailed it out of the room while he was still doing his speech and the door was still open. Every single mob that’s part of the encounter, including Kael’thas himself, can and will run through the closed door to get to players: this gave us the extra time we needed to kill things without getting overwhelmed.

We killed Thaladred and Sanguinar close to the instance entrance. We killed Capernian in Al’ar’s room. We killed Thelonicus in the corridor between Al’ar’s room and Kael’thas’.

We killed the weapons pretty much against the locked door to Kael’thas’ room. I picked up the dagger (to free Alieth from the mind control), Alieth picked up the staff (to negate the disorients).

By the time we had all the weapons down, the advisors were active again. We killed Thelonicus first, as he was the closest; then Capernian got to us and was dealt with by mostly Alieth; then Sanguinar got to us, and I picked him up and started DPSing him down while Alieth finished Capernian off. Thaladred, who walks very very slowly, was the last one to get to us. We killed him and Kael’thas activated.

We needed to interrupt him as much as possible. Alieth helped with interrupting and dealt with the phoenixes and their eggs, as well as providing additional burst for the shield he places on himself before he starts casting Pyroblast. When Alieth got mind controlled, I switched to him immediately.

Even then it got very hairy at times. At one point, he started casting Pyroblast when I had no cooldowns available and I was on low health; I survived with ~1k health (and was promptly topped up after we burst his shield down and interrupted him) – that could have so easily been a wipe.

On the other hand, once he gets to 50%, it’s pretty much faceroll. We had a while to regen and top ourselves up, since he has to run back to his spot inside his room to even start the phase-change animation (and the animation itself takes a while), then run back out once he’s done. He does very little damage, his hitbox is gigantic so it’s easy to interrupt him and still dodge the various AoE effects, and I could heal myself while flying up in the air to take a bit of the strain off Alieth’s manabar.

Oh, we also two-manned 10-man Onyxia, but that was a cakewalk, especially compared to Kael’thas. Alieth switched to his main spec for that, at which point it was just an endurance fight, with me killing whelps and lair guards and him chipping at Onyxia’s health in phase 2.

And no, neither mount dropped. But we’ll be back.


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