Your daily dose of cute

I was not expecting to get the Tiny Shale Spider vanity pet quite so soon. I got the daily the first day after I finished Deepholm, and every time I went to Deepholm I checked if Jadefang was around – but I’d had no luck so far.

Then today Alieth asked me if I could go fish him some Lavascale Catfish. Fishing in open water is dull, especially since the fish he wants has a 20% or so fish rate and he wanted two full stacks, but I’m terrible at saying no when he asks me for a favour.

And since I was in Deepholm, I thought I might as well check for Jadefang. I didn’t think she was going to be around.

I walked into the Crumbling Depths, stood right under her ledge and typed “/tar Jadefang”. Nope. But I thought I should at least jump on the block that’s under the ledge, so I could see inside and be absolutely certain she wasn’t up. So I rode around, jumped onto the block, peered inside the hole… nope, just a bunch of normal shale spiders…

…and she spawned right in front of me.

Yay. It’s karma, I guess – if I hadn’t gone to fish for Alieth, I never would’ve found her, as I would’ve gone back to Twilight Highlands to finish up some quests. This certainly makes up for missing Loque’nahak by a hair on my hunter this morning. (Flew to a spawn point and there was a hunter who’d just tamed him. Augh.)

Now I just need to find her three more times. (Once for Alieth, for the pet, and twice for my hunter – to tame her, and to get the pet, because if I get mommy spider I might as well get baby spider. I never was one to break up families.)

If you’re wondering how to get this adorable critter yourself, Perks N Peeves has an excellent guide. (Yeah, you could puzzle it together from the Wowhead comments, but why bother when there’s a great guide with screenshots and everything?)


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