Achievement strategy: Unearthing Uldum

Unearthing Uldum can be a bit difficult to complete – some quests are started by killing random mobs, some others by looting an item. Personally, I completed the achievement a few quests before the end of the gigantic Harrison Jones chain (the one that leads to Brann Bronzebeard asking you to meet him inside Halls of Origination)… but every time I visit Uldum, there are people in /1 asking how come they’re 2-3 quests short of the achievement and they’ve done “everything”.

So I thought I’d write this post. It’s not an achievement strategy, not exactly – more like a list of easily-missed quests.

  • Do the World a Favor. To get this quest, you need to kill a Mangy Hyena in the pygmy area close to Khartut’s Tomb.
  • Just a Fancy Cockroach. To get this quest, you need to kill a scarab (of any type) in the Chamber of the Stars, found under the Obelisk of the Stars. The scarabs spawn after you topple over the ancient statues. Most people will miss this, as the scarabs are yellow and you have no reason to kill them.
  • Dirty Birds. To get this quest, you need to kill a Diseased Vulture in the Cradle of the Ancients area. According to reports on Wowhead, the area will phase after a bit and most of the vultures will disappear, so it might be problematic to complete if you missed it on your first pass through the area; on the other hand, I just went to check and there are plenty of vultures visible even though I’ve done everything there is to do.
  • A.I.D.A. Communicator drops from mobs you kill for a different quest. The chain it starts is worth five quests (counting the one you pick up from the item itself).
  • Myzerian’s Head drops from the dragon at the Obelisk of the Moon once you’ve completed the quests there. (If the dragon is on fire and on low % health, you’re good to go.) If you’re a ranged class you can most likely solo this, but it’ll probably go faster with a group anyway.

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