Burnination by proxy

Third time the winner… er… wait… what do I win again? Burnination and an achievement, you say? Yay!

All’s well that ends well. Alieth, bless him, logged me in and ran me to the middle of Tanaris (a prime burnination spot) one night when I was asleep, then kept me there until I got roasted.

Of course, I didn’t notice at all until Cataclysm release night, when he casually mentioned “You don’t really look at Aeliel’s achievements, do you?”

(To which the answer was “Er, no, not unless I am looking for a specific one or I just got one, why? Did you stand me in fire?”. I’m so observant.)

I was feeling guilty he got it for me but not for himself, until a few hours later, when he was levelling in Uldum and Deathwing flew over. (And I had the pleasure of watching Alieth make a beeline for the big angry dragon and duck right into his breath. For added hilarity, he was mounted on a flying broom at the time.)


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