Brief Cataclysmic news

Got Cataclysm. Levelled to 85.

Missed realm first 525 Archaeology by a hair.

(I was a few pieces short of my last artifact. I had ridiculously awful luck at the end of the grind, with a bunch of sites in Kalimdor ending up in Uldum – but not enough to give me a full Tol’vir artifact, since the RNG didn’t see fit to provide me with a keystone – a bunch of sites in Eastern Kingdoms ending up in Vashj’ir – where I’ve never even been – and in general site spread saddling me with too much travel time and not enough digging. Sigh.

At least I got the skeletal raptor pet and mount…)

Now to finish questing in the areas I didn’t touch to get some decent blues (my ICC purples are starting to lack stamina), run normal instances to gear up, then run heroics, and so on…


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