Goddamnit, Deathwing

Yesterday night I was in Tanaris, checking out the new Lost Rigger Cove and plotting the gruesome demise of hundreds of pirates (so I can hit Exalted with the Steamwheedle Cartel, why else?).

The sky went red.

Oh yay, Deathwing!

Except the path he takes in Tanaris goes diagonally through the zone and completely misses the shore. (Map link found from this quite useful Wowhead comment.)

Ahh well. Another time, right?

Fast forward to this morning. I figured hey, let’s go fish for the two new, annoying fishing achievements.

So I take the portal from Dalaran to the Caverns of Time, since I’d logged out there after doing the Dalaran fishing daily and some of the fish I’m missing can be caught in Tanaris.

I take two steps out of the Caverns, click the mount button, and I’m mid-castbar when the sky goes red. Again.

I make a mad dash for the general middle of the zone, where I now know he flies. Too late. Fire still there, Deathwing not so much.

I’ll just spend a day or two sat AFK in Gadgetzan while doing something else, I guess. But still… missing it once was bad enough, but twice? Somebody up there is laughing at me. :(


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