Curses, foiled again

I should know, by now, that I can make all the plans I want – but something, at some point, is going to throw a spanner in the works.

Especially when it comes to hunter pets.

My previous list was sane and sensible oh who am I kidding. Let’s just go right into talking about changes.

First of all, just for the sake of my own sanity, I’m making a list of which pet families provide which (raid-useful – I couldn’t care less about stuns, blinds and such, I’m not much of a PVPer) buff or debuff.

  • Heroism / Bloodlust: [E] Core Hounds (Ferocity)
  • Strength and Agility: Cats (Ferocity), [E] Spirit Beasts (Ferocity)
  • 5% crit: [E] Devilsaurs (Ferocity), Wolves (Ferocity)
  • Stamina: [E] Silithids (Cunning)
  • 5% all stats: [E] Shale Spiders (Tenacity)
  • Armor reduction: Raptors (Ferocity), Serpents (Cunning)
  • Attack speed reduction: Foxes (Ferocity), Tallstriders (Ferocity)
  • Increased bleed damage: Boars (Tenacity), Hyenas (Ferocity), [E] Rhinos (Tenacity)
  • Cast speed reduction: [E] Core Hounds (Ferocity), Sporebats (Cunning)
  • Healing reduction: [E] Devilsaurs (Ferocity)
  • Physical damage reduction: Bears (Tenacity), Carrion Birds (Ferocity)
  • Physical damage taken: Ravagers (Cunning), [E] Worms (Tenacity)
  • Spell damage taken: Dragonhawks (Cunning), Wind Serpents (Cunning)

Families left without anything raid-useful are: Bats, Beetles, Birds of Prey, Chimaeras,  Crabs, Crocolisks, Dogs, Gorillas, Monkeys, Moths, Nether Rays, Scorpids, Spiders, Turtles and Wasps.

Looking over my previously-planned list, I’d be missing 5% crit, armor reduction, healing reduction, physical damage reduction and physical / spell damage taken increase – and I could use a non-Tenacity pet with a bleed damage increase ability.

(Note that I’m planning out all this even though I’ve never really raided extensively on my hunter. You never know, I might end up running a PuG at some point that could benefit from one of these, and I’d much rather be prepared and have a well-named pet I’ve levelled and I’m attached to than scramble and grab the first beast with an usable skill.)

5% crit needs a devilsaur or a wolf. Mehhhh. I don’t like devilsaurs at all; I might end up getting myself a wolf, probably the grey worg model. (Although I might get myself a ghost wolf or a stabbity-in-the-head wolf – the latter is hilarious – using the method outlined here, assuming it doesn’t get hotfixed out. I should probably hurry up and grab either or both, in case they do hotfix them out but let people who’ve already tamed them keep them…)

In terms of armor reduction… do I even need to get a pet for this? What raid wouldn’t have a single druid, warrior or rogue?

Healing reduction – pfuh. Only devilsaurs have it, and there are plenty of classes and specs that can provide the same debuff. Who cares.

The physical damage reduction isn’t an issue – any type of tank has access to it and can apply it if necessary. (Which is a good thing, because bears are too plain for my tastes and I strongly dislike carrion birds in general.)

Physical damage taken increase – I like ravagers (my favourite is probably this one), probably even more than I like worms; the only worms I like are the big, creepy ones, and those are a bit too creepy even for me.

Spell damage increase means either a dragonhawk or a wind serpent. The only dragonhawk I’m really fond of is the blue, and while they can be found right at the start they might be a bit of a pain to tame. The “black” wind serpent is more of a gorgeous purplish-blue and I wouldn’t mind taming one of those at all. It’d be easier than the dragonhawk, for certain. (Though the dragonhawk might be worth getting simply because it’s gorgeous, even if I get the wind serpent…)

Bleed damage on a Ferocity pet means a hyena. Which is not so bad, I guess – the grey and the purple are kinda cute. We’ll see.

I’m tucking my updated list of pets out of sight, in the extended post, because I have a feeling this is incredibly long as it is…

Firstly – I think I’ll stop following the naming scheme I’ve been using until now. It was all well and good when I just had five pets, but with 25 stable slots all it’ll do is generate more and more confusion.

Secondly – I’ve had a chance to take a look at the orange saber cat and mastiffs in motion. I don’t really like the animations for either. (The saber cat, especially, just reminds me of how I never got a tiger to drop for my main in Zul’gurub.) I’m not sure about the maned lion, either, so I’m leaving him out of the list for now – the more I look at him, the weirder he seems; I’m guessing because I’m used to the old lion models.

Thirdly… well, you’ll see in a moment once I start listing.

  1. Solution the black lion. Humar the Pridelord. Fond memories of camping the tree in the Barrens (and not-so-fond memories of losing him once to another hunter). His name’s definitely not changing.
  2. Complication the white owl. Olm the Wise. Still MIA after the Shattering, but he didn’t change – he’s still his lovely white owl self. This name’s also not changing, although it’s not the name I’d give him if I’d tamed him today; but I’ve had him since level 50-something
  3. Aggravation the brown rhino. Faithful tank pet. Might get renamed, if only because I never really liked the sound of the word “aggravation”. Assuming I can find a single-word name that means something along the lines of “she irritates enemies so they’ll look at her, not at me, as I turn them into pincushions”.
  4. Irritation the red core hound. Taming him was quite the adventure, and took a few attempts before the successful one. The name suits him, and it’ll stay.
  5. Distraction the black crow. I’m attached, even though she was meant to be just a temporary tame. (I blame Alieth.) Her name suits her very, very well. My second bird of prey, and I’ll end up getting at least two more (a decaying hawk and a seagull), assuming I can resist the lure of pretty, pretty parrots and eagles. Why couldn’t they put some of these pretty models into the carrion bird family?
  6. Unnamed the spiked green crocolisk. Gosh-Haldir. I went to Loch Modan on my main to fish for a Loch Frenzy for an achievement, and there she was. I got my fish and hearthstoned, then relogged to my hunter, telling myself “I’ll go check; if she’s still there, I’ll tame her and chalk it up to fate”. And duh, of course she was still there. Middle of the night in an Alliance zone on a 90% Horde server. And now I couldn’t possibly abandon her. Not after taking her away from her clutch. (See, I don’t even need Alieth anymore to start feeling guilty when I think of abandoning a pet. Argh.) I have not the faintest idea what to name her.
  7. Unnamed the yellow firefly. Nix, the Loch Modan rare spawn. I made the mistake of going exploring in Loch Modan after taming Gosh-Haldir. I saw the green fireflies and thought something along the lines of “hm, I’ve always wanted a firefly, but I don’t like the green ones – now if there was a yellow one…” I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. I might name her Nyx, after the Greek goddess of night – it echoes her original name well enough.
  8. Unnamed the grey fox. Yes, Ashtail. I remembered Loch Modan also had those pretty red foxes I wanted, so I wandered over to their location before hearthstoning, and ran right into Ashtail. What was I meant to do? I threw my hands up, muttered “I give up” and pressed Tame Beast. I have a half-baked idea for her name – Cinder-something? I don’t know.
  9. Unnamed the seagull. Still no idea what to name… him? Her? I need to decide on a gender, first. Bird of prey #3, and the first one who can be bothered doing a loop when I press “Trick”. Fun.
  10. Unnamed the green wind serpent. I was going to go for the “black” (but really purplish blue) one, really, but I was riding out from Dustwallow Marsh to get to Southern Barrens and I ran right into a green one and I liked it better. Might name him Envy.
  11. A decaying hawk. Bird of prey #4. Creepy, creepy, creepy, and I’m definitely not still thinking about that plotbunny I have for an Undead hunter on a RP server. I’m not.
  12. Chromaggus, of course. Still need to find a raid group (read: make puppy eyes at Alieth so he’ll put a raid group together for me), still need to decide on a suitably humiliating name. Fluffykins, perhaps?
  13. A boss silithid – most probably the blue one, since the orange is a boss in Ahn’Qiraj and puppy eyes in Alieth’s general direction only go so far. The rare spawn in Tanaris is refusing to spawn, though, and I don’t like any of the other non-boss ones.
  14. Arcturis
  15. Skoll
  16. …and Loque’nahak. No idea what I’ll name any of them. I went looking earlier today, but none of them was up. I was almost afraid I’d find Aotona up in Sholazar Basin, because then I’d want to tame her out of principle, but I didn’t.
  17. A shale spider of Cuteness +10. The green is a rare spawn and drops a pet I’ll want on my main; yellow it is.
  18. Karoma or one of the tamable-with-a-trick ghost wolves. The latter, assuming they don’t hotfix them and remove them from anybody who already has one – that way I have a wolf with a model I don’t despise, and I save myself the stress of hunting down another rare-spawn spirit beast.
  19. Ghostcrawler. (Fix Vengeance or the crab gets it!)
  20. Terrorpene. Turtles make excellent tank pets, malevolent lava turtles even more so.
  21. A blue dragonhawk. I used to be Alliance. I had the blue dragonhawk mount on my main, now I have the red one. I kind of miss it. This might help.

Four free slots. Two if I get a hyena (for bleed damage) and a ravager (for physical vulnerability). I’m not sure I like where this is going…


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