Broken meta gem is broken

I was puttering around on my warlock alt, checking how much the experience-needed shrink smooths out the levelling curve. (Answer: a fair bit – took me 3 hours to level from 72 to 73, and I was being quite slow, stopping to mine, running instances and so on.)

Hilariously enough, I hit 72 from exploration as I was flying to Howling Fjord to begin questing anew (since I haven’t done anything on her since I faction-swapped), and I then hit 73 from mining a Cobalt node… but that all is beside the point.

She’s still wearing mostly good old Burning Crusade epics (that I got her from random PuGs after hitting level 70 at the tail end of TBC), which means they’re still mostly gemmed with good old Burning Crusade gems, because I can’t honestly be bothered regemming items I’ll be replacing soon enough.

I figured my meta gem might be broken due to changes made to gem colors as well as to the meta gems themselves, so I thought I’d see if I could easily fix it by replacing a gem or two.

Yeah, no such luck. Wonder if they’ll actually ever fix it or just shrug and say “eh, it’s a Burning Crusade recipe, who cares”.


2 Responses to “Broken meta gem is broken”

  1. I swear the meta gem requirement actually changed on my cat’s meta gem from something like “must have 2 blues” (meh ok) to “more blue than red” (oh HELL no). I ended up getting a new meta because I couldn’t make it fire without losing a whole lot of agility (agility gems = red… crit gems = yellow. Blue gems = FAIL.)

    • I know just the feeling. I haven’t bothered fixing the meta gem on my main’s DPS gear, or on my hunter, or on my death knight – because what with Cataclysm in just a few days, I’ll replace the gear soon enough; but “more blue than red” is irritating as hell for a requirement on a DPS meta. At least they said they’ll revert the change…

      More blue than blue I can’t fix no matter what, though. ¬_¬

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