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Well, that was quick

Posted in Gold making, Professions with tags , on December 22, 2010 by Aeliel

I can’t state this with 100% certainty since there are no hotfix notes mentioning this yet, but the awesome Savage Leather farming spot I mentioned a few posts ago seems to have been nerfed. It was working fine this afternoon – I was happily killing bats and skinning them; then I switched to my main for a while, and when I switched back, the bats were suddenly no longer skinnable.

The basilisks in the area are still skinnable, as are the drakes in the north, but bleh. T’was good while it lasted. Now to find another good place to farm the rest of the Savage Leather I need, since Alieth has caught the arena bug and now we both need a PVP set posthaste.

Two-manning Kael’thas Sunstrider

Posted in Undermanning with tags on December 20, 2010 by Aeliel

I told Alieth to post about this, but he’s not, so I am. (He says he’s sorry.)

We two-manned Kael’thas Sunstrider. No, not the one in Magister’s Terrace – the raid boss.

Kael’thas has been soloed, but that was on the Cataclysm beta, by a Death Knight blood tank in full T11. (Go look at the video if you want to see how he did it.)

We did it as an Elemental Shaman (Alieth; he is main spec Restoration, but we did not have the necessary damage output without him as Elemental) and a Feral Druid (Aeliel; I’m dual-spec Feral, I was in tanking spec and tanking gear for this). For those reading this in the future, Alieth is by now wearing a handful of ilvl359 epics in addition to his ilvl346 blues; as for me, I’m in mostly ilvl346 blues, with the exception of a green stamina trinket (because I haven’t seen Leaden Despair drop), a green relic and an ilvl333 blue staff. Better gear will only make this easier. Continue reading

Feral druid macros

Posted in Druid, Miscellanea, Tanking with tags on December 20, 2010 by Aeliel

(This post brought to you by the “I don’t want to lose my macros so I’m posting here just in case, and hell, they might be useful for somebody else as well” society.)

For all of these, pick the question mark icon. I also like naming them with just a space, so they look like perfectly normal abilities.

Faerie Fire

/cast [form:1] Faerie Fire (Feral); [form:3] Faerie Fire (Feral); [form:2] Faerie Fire; [form:4] Faerie Fire; [form:5] Faerie Fire; [noform] Faerie Fire

This macro will cast Feral Faerie Fire in bear or cat form, and normal Faerie Fire in all other forms. (This includes flight form, aquatic form and travel form as well as caster form; keep in mind that I don’t have tree or moonkin form, so you may need to adjust if you do – although why you’d want to cast Feral Faerie Fire if you’re a shrubbery or critchicken I don’t really know, but hey.) The tooltip will match the spell the macro casts, and the icon will display the spell’s cooldown when you’re in feral forms.

Prowl / Cower

/cast [combat] Cower; [nocombat] Prowl

This macro will show, and cast, Prowl when you’re out of combat, and Cower when you’re in combat. (I finally got smart and figured what the hell do I have two buttons on my bars for, when I can only ever use one at a time?)


#showtooltip Enrage
#show Enrage
/cancelaura Enrage
/cast Enrage

[Update: no longer needed as of patch 4.1, since Enrage no longer increases damage taken. Hallelujah!]

One press casts Enrage. The second press will cancel the buff that generates additional rage and makes you take 10% extra physical damage. More often than not, I find the extra damage taken doesn’t make all that much difference (at least Alieth, the pocket healer, hasn’t yelled at me for taking too much damage yet), and it certainly helps the rage generation. It’s a good thing to have for when I’m tanking stuff that hits really hard (so I don’t want to take extra damage) but I’ve just had a dodge streak so I need a quick rage boost to keep ahead of the DPS, especially at the start of a fight.


#showtooltip Lacerate
#show Lacerate
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nodead] Lacerate; Lacerate

If you have a mouseover target and it’s alive and hostile, this macro lacerates that mouseover target. Otherwise it lacerates your target. I’ve had this macro since back in the good old TBC days of druids failing epically at AoE tanking; these days it’s even better, since you can have Lacerate stacks running on multiple targets and doing so increases the chance of getting a free Mangle to proc.

Feral Charge / Ravage

/castsequence reset=10 Feral Charge(Cat Form), Ravage(Cat Form)

For those of us with Stampede. In its normal state, the macro will show Feral Charge; the first press will Feral Charge, then the macro will switch to Ravage and remain there for 10 seconds (the duration of the free Ravage buff). After 10 seconds, it switches back. I originally tried doing it without the 10-second reset, but it kept showing Ravage rather than Feral Charge when I shifted out of cat form and back in. This works for me.

Fishing: Albino Cavefish

Posted in Gold making, Professions with tags , , on December 18, 2010 by Aeliel

Just a quick note – and this is absolutely not a fancy strategy, and I can’t believe there aren’t more people doing this on my server (but then again, the less people doing this the more profit for me).

Whenever I’m in Deepholm, I make sure I fish some Albino Cavefish. It’s only used for one thing – Deepstone Oil, from Alchemy – but every alchemist will be making a handful of those for skillups, plus they’re reagents for the Vial of the Sands mount.

The Therazane dailies (which I do for reputation, gold and the chance at achievements – although I still haven’t seen the Pebble daily nor the Fungalmancer Glop daily, grrr) take me right to a place with plenty of pools (the Crimson Expanse, at about the 3-o’-clock position on the map), and I’ve never seen anybody else fish these pools. There are also some pools further south, at the Silvermarsh, but I rarely bother with those.

There are red clouds on the shores that will put a DoT on you, but it’s quite easy to avoid those with some method of water walking. (If you’re not a shaman, priest or death knight, try the Elixir of Water Walking – it can be found in the bag rewarded by the fishing dailies, so it’s pretty easy to obtain.)

The price has remained pretty steady on my server, at 8-10g per fish (160-200g per stack). I only fish what pools I see while doing the dailies in the Crimson Expanse area; it takes about 15 minutes of my time per day, and I usually come out with one and a half or two stacks of the fish. Considering I still don’t have fishing capped and I’m still missing the Sea Turtle (and it’s been confirmed to drop from Cataclysm pools, thank you Blizzard for small mercies), it’s not a bad gold return for something I’d be doing anyway. By the time I log in to do my dailies, the fish I caught the day before has sold; there is very little competition.

Sure, I could be fishing for Fathom Eels in Uldum – but that’s a pain, since the fishing pools are affected by phasing and as a result there’s a whole clump around Schnottz’s Landing. There’s also plenty of competition, the fishing path is long, and the prices keep dropping to the point that on bad days, they’re below the Albino Cavefish. Other fish has similar issues.

Farming Savage Leather: Deepholm

Posted in Gold making, Professions with tags , , on December 18, 2010 by Aeliel

The price of Savage Leather just won’t go down on my server – and I need to level leatherworking on my main. So I’ve been levelling my hunter, who has skinning as one profession. It’s something I’d been wanting to do anyway, considering all the pretty pets in Cataclysm (got myself a flaming turtle as soon as I hit 81; I might tell the story of the adventurous tame later), and if it saves me some gold all the better.

Doing 80-81 in Vashj’ir got me some leather, but just barely enough for 5 skillpoints. Argh. I switched to Hyjal at 81, mostly to get the aforementioned flaming turtle, and then did 81-82 there simply because I couldn’t be bothered switching back. At 82, I went to Deepholm.

Not much skinning in Deepholm, what with all the stone creatures, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. I quested my way through almost the entirety of the zone, skinning the occasional dragonkin and getting more and more anxious to hit 83 so I could go skin my way through Uldum.

Then the Therazane quest chain led me to the upper left corner of Deepholm. Unskinnable flayers, rock, rock, more rock, and… what’s that? Bats? Let’s try and shoot them and see.

In red, we have the bat path. Here, Stone Bats fly all around the marked area in packs of 8-10. You shoot one, you pull the entire pack; they have 5368 health each, and I could 3-shot them even as a level 82-83 hunter. Each of them skins into one Savage Leather (no scraps at all that I could see in my brief, unscientific farming of 8 stacks of leather off them) and will also occasionally skin a Strange Bloated Stomach; they also have a chance of skinning into a Pristine Hide (I got one last night), although the droprate is so low since the nerf-hotfix that your best bet if you want Pristine Hides is to just skin lots and lots of leather and trade up using the vendors in Twilight Highlands.

The bats also drop Toughened Flesh. It doesn’t sell terribly well (just 2g each on my server) but it’s used to make the Goblin Barbecue, the Engineering-crafted basic feast of Cataclysm. (There’s a better version, providing 90 stamina / 90 something else, but it’s a reward from a guild achievement your guild is unlikely to obtain anytime soon unless you’re in <Fishing Addicts>.) I got 3 stacks of the stuff from just a brief period of farming and let’s just say that Alieth loves me very much right now considering how fast his guild chews through the barbecues.

And of course they drop vendor greys – again, in a very brief period of farming I got roughly 100g in them, plus a couple of random greens I sent to my main to disenchant.

Running out of bats is extremely unlikely, but if you do – or if you just get bored – visit the Shalehide Basilisks at the northern portion of the bat path. Those also skin nicely, although they take much longer to kill; they are, though, quest mobs, so if there are lots of players in the area you might find empty corpses just waiting for you to skin them.

If you need Blackened Dragonscales, you can go further north, in the dragon area. The Stone Drakes here are elite, yes, but they’re also quest mobs – which means other players might be doing the killing work for you – and they get knocked down periodically by friendly NPCs, which takes off a decent chunk of their health.

Personally I’ve avoided the dragons (except when I was doing that specific quest) and stuck to bats, but I thought I’d mention them in case you’re ever in need of dragonscales.

Now I’m unsure whether I want to move out of Deepholm. It’s hard to imagine anywhere in Uldum or Twilight Highlands beating this for a skinning spot. Maybe I’ll just level to 85 and then come back here…

Dear Alieth

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This is all your fault. You stay up raiding late and then you sleep through the morning and you won’t wake even if I tell you to.

I had to log you in myself and drag your character to the Crumbling Depths. Manually, since you clearly did something wrong and there’s no portal to Therazane’s Throne in the Temple of Earth as far as your character’s concerned.

Then I get you there and find out you cannot see the bloody goblin. So I have to climb down on my character and plant a bomb under your scrawny troll behind. Several times, because I guess trolls fly differently than tauren do or something and you wouldn’t fly the right way.

And then I have to fight using your character and I have no idea what shamans do and I have to just mash keys at random and hope for the best. Including figuring out your weird healing keybinds so I can keep your scrawny troll from dying.

And then I have to take an ugly screenshot because I’m too busy fighting to figure out how to get rid of your weird bright middle-of-the-screen Power Auras notifications.

And then, to add insult to injury, I get killed by a gyreworm because I’m paying too much attention to your character and not nearly enough to mine.

In conclusion, I hate you.


Congratulations! :D

PS. Post more.

Your daily dose of cute

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , on December 13, 2010 by Aeliel

I was not expecting to get the Tiny Shale Spider vanity pet quite so soon. I got the daily the first day after I finished Deepholm, and every time I went to Deepholm I checked if Jadefang was around – but I’d had no luck so far.

Then today Alieth asked me if I could go fish him some Lavascale Catfish. Fishing in open water is dull, especially since the fish he wants has a 20% or so fish rate and he wanted two full stacks, but I’m terrible at saying no when he asks me for a favour.

And since I was in Deepholm, I thought I might as well check for Jadefang. I didn’t think she was going to be around.

I walked into the Crumbling Depths, stood right under her ledge and typed “/tar Jadefang”. Nope. But I thought I should at least jump on the block that’s under the ledge, so I could see inside and be absolutely certain she wasn’t up. So I rode around, jumped onto the block, peered inside the hole… nope, just a bunch of normal shale spiders…

…and she spawned right in front of me.

Yay. It’s karma, I guess – if I hadn’t gone to fish for Alieth, I never would’ve found her, as I would’ve gone back to Twilight Highlands to finish up some quests. This certainly makes up for missing Loque’nahak by a hair on my hunter this morning. (Flew to a spawn point and there was a hunter who’d just tamed him. Augh.)

Now I just need to find her three more times. (Once for Alieth, for the pet, and twice for my hunter – to tame her, and to get the pet, because if I get mommy spider I might as well get baby spider. I never was one to break up families.)

If you’re wondering how to get this adorable critter yourself, Perks N Peeves has an excellent guide. (Yeah, you could puzzle it together from the Wowhead comments, but why bother when there’s a great guide with screenshots and everything?)