The “Pass on loot” trick

I ran into this trick while farming Outland heroic instances with Alieth (because he rerolled and is missing all the Outland reputations – and being a squishy, squishy healer he can’t easily solo those heroics).

When grouped, you get a new option in the right-click menu on your character frame: “Pass on loot”.

If you switche that option on, you forfeit your right to loot – and the only times you will see a sparkling, lootable corpse are:

  • If the corpse contains a quest item, or
  • If the corpse contains an item of green or better quality (assuming loot quality is set on Uncommon; I haven’t tested it, but I would imagine it’s dependent on the loot quality setting).

You will still be unable to roll on the green or better items that drop, since you’re passing on them – so it’s a pretty pointless option when you’re in a group with random strangers.

When you’re farming things with a friend (or even dual-boxing), though, this can be an extremely efficient way to farm and loot only corpses with worthwhile items. The character who isn’t passing on loot should ideally be the “tank” of the pair, pulling and killing most mobs; the weaker character follows behind and loots anything that sparkles. Any green or better item that drops will pop up a need / greed / disenchant / pass window for the character who isn’t passing on loot.

Sure, you’re losing out on the profits from cloth and other white and grey drops – but we were going for speed of clearing, not maximum profit, or we would’ve stopped and looted everything; this way, we still were able to collect enchanting materials and other random drops (including Schematic: Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot, which is pretty insanely rare) that we would have otherwise missed out on.


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