I have a name, damnit.

Pet peeve of the day (and one of the things I hate the most about half of the people I get into random groups with): people who call my character anything but her name.

“Druid go DPS”, “Druid res me”, “Tank pull faster”, “Tank come here”… I have a name. I don’t care if you spell it wrong, I don’t care if you shorten it (“Ael” works perfectly fine, unless there’s another Ael-something in the group), there’s nothing that gets me irritated faster than somebody calling me by my class or by my role.

Especially if it’s some idiot offtank who holds threat like a sieve holds water, has a penchant for taunting off me when the adds he originally picked up are eating the DPS, doesn’t understand “move the boss here” and is generally a complete idiot. Like right now in this Ulduar 10 non-Glory achievement run.

(And I’m not about to just “go DPS”, let somebody with fail TPS tank Hodir and watch the raid get their collective face mauled off. Honestly.)


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