Adorably annoying

New quests means new vanity pets. New vanity pets means I will start farming them almost immediately, because I’ve been a vanity pet addict since I ran into Lil Timmy in Stormwind, five years ago, and spent half of my hard-earned silver on a white kitten.

First I went to talk to Brazie the Botanist to get my Singing Sunflower. A lot of cursing and a request for Alieth to play the Pumpkin Bomb level for me so I could figure out what I was doing wrong, I had it. (If you’re also stuck on that level, the winning strategy seems to be two rows of sunflowers, one of spitters, one of freezyas, and then strangler vines and rocknuts for protection. You want three sunflowers before you ever plant any spitters. By the time you get to the second massive wave, you’ll have more solar power than you can use and you can just pumpkin bomb things to death.)

Then I went to talk to Apothecary Furrows in Darkshore, in a cave in the middle of nowhere as far as Horde is concerned, to buy Withers. I kinda wish they’d put in a quest chain for this critter for Horde, too – Alliance seems to get the long chains for pets and Horde the brute-force way (see also: Sprite Darter Hatchling).

Then I went to quest in Burning Steppes for the Tiny Flamefly. I have no idea what the Alliance-side questline is for this, but Horde picks up this breadcrumb quest from Thorium Point to start it off, although I think you can just go to Flamestar Post and start from there. You have to do about half of the quests in Burning Steppes to get to the point where you get the pet – by that point, I was actually having fun with the quest chain, so I went and finished the entire zone while I was there.

Then I went to pick up Mr. Grubbs. This annoying (but absolutely adorable) critter is pretty much Disgusting Oozeling 2.0 in terms of farming, with the added issue that it’s BoP. You go talk to Fiona (fly to Throndoril River, she’s right there), do the quests to pick up her first two companions, then “talk” to her caravan and pick up Fiona’s Lucky Charm.

Then you get ready to farm until you want to cry.

The Hidden Stash that contains the pet can drop from mostly everything you kill in EPL as long as you have the buff on you, not just the Carrion Grubs and Devourers, but I ended up grinding at the big clump of worms south of Light’s Hope Chapel. They respawn very quickly and you’re unlikely to ever run out of mobs, and you won’t have much competition.

It seems to take most people (at least according to comments on WarcraftPets and the like) about 15-20 stashes, if that, to get the pet to drop. It took me 45. Argh.

When Alieth starts farming this, there’ll be lots of hate – either on his part, for the farming, if it takes him ages, or on my part, for his luck, if he gets it faster than I did. We shall see.


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