What I got and what I didn’t

With 4.0.3 on live servers and 4.0.3a looming like Damocles’ sword, last week was a mad scramble to get as many of the things that were going to disappear (or were rumoured to be disappearing) with the imminent Cataclysm. Some of them I managed, some of them I didn’t – altogether I didn’t do too badly, although some things were a disappointment.

What I got

Champion of Ulduar
I got this one by the skin of my teeth. I made a PuG for it with Alieth a while ago, got almost entirely good people, and failed on two bosses – Auriaya, which I already had, and Yogg-Saron, which I didn’t have. A warlock pulled aggro on an add during Auriaya, and a complete idiot that we assigned inside the brain room spent the entire pre-fight explanation faffing around and not concentrating… and managed to get himself mind-controlled because he didn’t click the portal to exit in time. Sigh.

The next week I didn’t go to Ulduar at all. The week after that, I got into a run that was aiming to do a quick Glory of the Ulduar Raider (which by that point I already had) with Alone in the Darkness (which I didn’t have) added to it, then carry on the raid the day after for Herald of the Titans. We failed spectacularly enough on Yogg that we had to call Mimiron down, because people were terrible at getting out of the bad. (I still don’t have Alone in the Darkness, but that’s not going away, so it’s all good.)

I ended up making a second PuG for it today. For a long while, I was despairing that I’d even manage to get the run going, as my repeated calls in /2 were answered by one sane DPS and a whole lot of “I know I have zero Ulduar experience, but it’s the last chance, can I has raid invite?”. Then I got the run going, and had to replace healers several times (long story), and some people wouldn’t get on Vent for coordination. We managed everything, but by the time we got to phase 3 of Yogg-Saron, my hands were shaking.

But we managed. Yay!

Exalted with Shendra’lar
This one took the form of several thousands of gold flung at the Auction House to obtain the Pristine Black Diamonds I was missing. I started out farming the necessary librams from Dire Maul, since I was working on repairing my Steamwheedle Cartel reputation at the same time (having been in the deep, deep pits of Hated with them since getting Bloodsail Admiral sometime in late 2007 or early 2008), but after climbing to Neutral with the Cartel I ended up with so many other things to do that I just said “screw this” and bought the librams I was missing from the Auction House as well. Farming the BoP materials for them was painful enough already.

Conqueror of Ulduar
Some guy decided to set up a PuG for this and I saw him advertising it on the realm forums. Surprisingly, we actually managed it in one shot with no deaths from Flame Leviathan to Yogg-Saron. As icing on the cake, we went to kill Algalon after we were done and managed to get the Supermassive achievement.

Herald of the Titans
This one I never thought I would actually get. I didn’t figure I had the required gear and I didn’t know of any group that was actually working on it. Then Alieth got to talking with a guy from the failed Champion of Ulduar run we did, and it turned out that the guy was in a group for Herald that was missing a healer. So Alieth went and got his – and told me that the week after, the same group would be doing it again “for friends and alts”. So I secured an invite, scrambled to get the gear (surprisingly easy, thanks to my penchant for keeping old sets and random pretty bits) and went. And we two-shot the bastard. Huh.

9000+ achievement points
Not going away, I know, but I didn’t think I would be getting this before Cataclysm, since the achievement points I was missing were mostly pre-ICC raid achievements or PVP (ugh). But I ended up getting it simultaneously to Conqueror of Ulduar, which was a nice touch.

Mostly just mentioning this because it’s going away – I got it quite a while ago, with the guild I used to be in at the time (Entity, Silvermoon EU, shout out to you guys – we went our separate ways but it was great while it lasted), after several failed attempts both in PuGs and in runs in previous guilds.

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain
I got most of this a long while ago (back when this wasn’t really soloable and before new servers were spawned with the Gates already open) – missing all but the Blue Shard. Then the Steamwheedle Cartel started hating my guts and I couldn’t go talk to Dirge Quikcleave in Gadgetzan. Finally got this done after getting my rep back up to Neutral with the Cartel – this chain, and the fact that it’ll disappear, was one of the major reasons for finally repairing my rep.

(Fun fact: Alieth completed this chain too… and got the level 60 Onyxia achievement out of it, although he got his Draconic for Dummies chapter from the level 80 version of Onyxia and never killed the level 60 version. Seems they never removed that as a criteria for the achievement.)

The Dungeon Set 2 (Tier 0.5) quest chain
For Feralheart, in my case. I’m not even sure if it disappears with the Shattering or not, I just didn’t want to risk it. No title, no Feat of Strength, but it was something I almost completed back at level 70 – then I couldn’t solo Lord Valthalak, bastard that he is, or two-man him with Alieth, since we’d get stunned and killed. Then I destroyed the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer, and then I got Hated by the Steamwheedle Cartel so I couldn’t pick it back up.

And then I repaired my rep, went to talk to the goblin and realized that faction-changing reset that particular questline, so I had to farm the pieces of Wildheart I had already converted (everything but the helm and chestpiece) and do the entire chain from scratch, including tracking down that one NPC in Silithus that’s a pain to summon, spending fistfuls of gold, and all.

And now I sit here wondering if the brazier to summon the additional bosses (that I kept quite deliberately) still works after the Shattering. Guess I’ll find out.

What I didn’t

The Zul’gurub mounts
I saw the raptor drop once. Back at level 60, when I was raiding the place for srs. Some idiot who’s long since stopped playing won the roll. Grrrrr.

I saw the tiger drop once as well. I was on an alt, helping Alieth clear it, so he got it. I can’t begrudge it to him, since that was the deal, since mains are more important than alts – but grrrr.

Meanwhile, you can’t throw a rock in Dalaran or Orgrimmar without hitting five people with either (or both) mounts. Somebody I knew in TBC got both mounts for his main, his alts, his girlfriend’s main, his girlfriend’s alts…

I’m really hoping they reintroduce these mounts somewhere. Even if it’s the painful repgrind to end all the painful repgrinds, I would do it. Seriously.

The Blue Drake from the bag at the end of H-Oculus
I got this on one of my alts. The one who didn’t even have epic flight until I caved and bought it for her. Three times. Out of three times landing into Oculus as my daily random heroic.

I’ll just farm Malygos with Alieth and some other people for it, I guess, but meh. Didn’t go an Oculus without seeing somebody else getting the drake out of a bag.

Never managed in a PuG (although I did try). I would’ve bought it off some guild on our server that was selling it for 20k gold, but I was saved this week, and the week before, and etc, etc. I shouldn’t have been saved, I guess, but I can’t honestly bring myself to care about this title that much. I’ll do something else with the gold, I suppose.

A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity
Don’t even get me started on this. I put together a set of gear, and off I went with Alieth and the group we also did Herald of the Titans with, last week. We managed, but due to some random idiot equipping the wrong gear out of combat we didn’t get the actual achievement, and GMs said they couldn’t grant it to us because they had no proof we’d done it.

So we went again this week. I spent even more gold on refining my gear. We nearly wiped on Icehowl because some complete dimwit of a hunter got himself trampled like he’d never been in there before (then clamored “wah, it wasn’t my fault!”).

Then we wiped on Anub’arak because the same dimwitted hunter dropped two patches of ice rather than all of them like we told him to do, and some dimwitted rogue ran for the top ice patch (the only ice patch that was active at the time) and people shrieked at him in Vent “don’t break that ice!” and he listened. And he rocket-booted away, and then he died. And the spikes were too fast by that point so nobody could dodge them. And we wiped.

Words cannot express my rage. I didn’t really want it, originally (“Argent Defender” as a title is somewhat meh, and close enough to “Argent Champion” that most people won’t give it a second glance, to boot), but to get so close to it and not manage? Argh.

He Feeds on Your Tears 10/25
Tried it once, failed. Didn’t really care, to be perfectly honest. Just listing it for completion’s sake.

The Insane
I still want this, and I’ll still work towards it. It just slid well down my list of priorities once they announced that it would be staying in Cataclysm, just with Shendra’lar removed from the requirements.

Exalted with the Steamwheedle Cartel
Would’ve liked to manage to finish this, as Knot Thimblejax is gone from the updated Dire Maul and I’m looking forward to farming 5-rep-each pirates about as much as I’m looking forward to getting a root canal, but I had too many other things to do. Besides, I’ll need it for Insane, so I’ll end up doing it eventually.


And there we go. That’s my list. Turned out much longer than I originally thought it would be.


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