Must… get… pretties…


I have a hunter.

I was all full on pets.

Then patch 4.0.1, in all its glory, brought me more stable slots.

I haven’t filled them yet. I was waiting for the Shattering to introduce new pets.

Now that the Shattering is underway… it’s time to make plans.

The first five pets I already have. I already know I’ll spend an eternity agonizing over what names to give to all these critters; but at least I can decide now which ones to get.

  1. Solution the black lion. My first pet. (My hunter is named Problem. I’m so funny.) Humar the Pridelord, not Pitch. I camped that tree for so long.
  2. Complication the white owl. Olm the Wise – who I now see appears to be MIA after the Shattering. I hope Complication stays the same. He should. If not, I’ll just go tame another white owl, but I’d be grumpy.
  3. Aggravation the brown rhino. I wanted a tank pet, and Stampede was, at the time, hilarious. (Then they nerfed it.)
  4. Irritation the red core hound. From Molten Core, where proper core hounds come from. I’m not sure when the Beast in Blackrock Spire became tameable, but I never bothered.
  5. Distraction the black crow. She was a temporary tame, but then Alieth started making me feel guilty for wanting to abandon her and I got attached. I blame him.
  6. A fox of some persuasion. A red one, probably – I think I like that color the best. White is too low-contrast and the red eyes bug me (and it’s not available yet), grey is also too plain (and a rare spawn at that), as is brown. Black isn’t bad, though… hmm.
  7. A brown or red mastiff. Maybe. They look quite clunky standing still. It all depends on what they animate like. (And the Dog family doesn’t have anything special as an ability, so I can skip it if need be. There’s also demon dogs in there, but I can’t stand them – I’ve no idea why they’re so popular.)
  8. A seagull is a must. They’re adorable and hilarious at the same time.
  9. A decaying hawk. Creeeeeeeepy. Although I’m not quite sure I’ll ever end up fighting with it, but it’s a unique look and it’s neat. (And it would be the perfect pet for an Undead Hunter… ack, ack, RP character plotbunny. Go away. I’m not on a RP server anymore. Ack!)
  10. An orange saber cat. I’m not certain yet, but it’s gorgeous. I like bright colors. (And considering where it’s from, if I pass on it now, it’ll not disappear later so I won’t be kicking myself for it.)
  11. Chromaggus. Must. Tame. Chromaggus. The idea of having a raid boss for a pet is just hilarious to me (and the model looks quite neat). I wonder how many people it’d take to clear to him… I’d rather not have to rely on PuG people, for obvious enough reasons.
  12. A maned lion. Will have to wait until I level my hunter for this one, and like the mastiff, it depends on how it animates. It looks very nice standing still, but…
  13. A boss silithid of some sort. Definitely not the open-brain one (ew); I like the orange one the most, and it has the added bonus of being only available on a raid boss (Lord Kri in AQ40) which adds an extra layer of hilarity, but I’ll need a group to get past Prophet Skeram. A potential alternative is the blue one, which is “just” a Tanaris rare spawn.
  14. A shale spider. (They’re adorable.) Another one I’ll have to wait until I level for. I like the green, but it’s a rare spawn; the yellow is just as pretty but much easier to get.
  15. Arcturis. I could get him now, but I haven’t really bothered.
  16. Ditto for Skoll
  17. …and for Loque’nahak. The only Spirit Beast I don’t like of the currently-available crop is Gondria. (It’s a pinkish, transparent sabercat. Big deal.)
  18. Karoma. I wanted a ghost wolf back when the Grimtotem Spirit Guide was briefly tamable, but I wasn’t high enough in level to complete the tame before they were removed. Not a perfect replacement, but it’ll do.
  19. Ghostcrawler. This is hilarious. I can’t not get him.
  20. Terrorpene the lava turtle. I want this like burning. I’ve wanted him since I saw a screenshot of Nemesis the Usurper and exclaimed “that needs to be tameable”. It looks like it’ll be a painful tame, but I want him.

And that seems to be it for now, actually. Which isn’t at all bad – five free spots, in case I run into something that looks prettier than it did on the screenshots or Blizzard releases something new; two more if it turns out I don’t want a mastiff or a maned lion after all.

I’ll probably start taming some of them tomorrow. Now to come up with names for them all…


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