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The “Interact with target” trick

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , on November 30, 2010 by Aeliel

I’m pretty sure a lot of people already know about this – or at least, Alliance-side AH players would, from the AH-from-near-the-mailbox trick that was then obsoleted with the Stormwind revamp in the Shattering. Still, it’s quite a useful trick and I keep running into people who don’t know about it (to the point that I got accused of exploiting while I was running around Orgrimmar doing that one cooking daily, because I was picking up the crawfish without stopping).

In the keybinds, under “Targeting Functions”, you will find an option called “Interact with target”. By default, it’s unbound. Bind it to something convenient and easy to remember (I use the F11 key). It works exactly the same as a right-click on anything you can actually target.

So, for example, you can pick up the crawfish for the Orgrimmar cooking daily (or the Alliance equivalent, of course – or the irritating Chicken Escapees, or the Snowfall Glade Pups) simply by targeting them (nameplates make this really easy), running or swimming up to them and mashing whatever key you have bound to “Interact with target” – you’ll loot without stopping.

Trying to use a vendor who just won’t stop moving? Mash the key.

Trying to loot that one boss you just killed in an instance you outlevel amidst a sea of sparkling corpses? /target to select and mash the key. Same thing if you’re dealing with players standing on a NPC so it’s impossible to click (seasonal vendors come to mind), or NPCs aren’t loaded yet and you’re in a hurry (assuming you remember the name of the NPC).

It’ll even start your autoattack when you’re targeting a hostile mob – not nearly as useful as the other cases, since you can just mash any of your offensive abilities to do that, but still.


Items that get you somewhere

Posted in Achievements, Gold making, Miscellanea, Quests with tags , , , on November 29, 2010 by Aeliel

Somewhat inspired by Gavendo’s post about on-use items, I thought I would make a list about transportation items… items that will get you somewhere else from where you currently are, much like the common Hearthstone – just, well, less common. Continue reading

The “Pass on loot” trick

Posted in Gold making, Miscellanea with tags , , , on November 28, 2010 by Aeliel

I ran into this trick while farming Outland heroic instances with Alieth (because he rerolled and is missing all the Outland reputations – and being a squishy, squishy healer he can’t easily solo those heroics).

When grouped, you get a new option in the right-click menu on your character frame: “Pass on loot”.

If you switche that option on, you forfeit your right to loot – and the only times you will see a sparkling, lootable corpse are:

  • If the corpse contains a quest item, or
  • If the corpse contains an item of green or better quality (assuming loot quality is set on Uncommon; I haven’t tested it, but I would imagine it’s dependent on the loot quality setting).

You will still be unable to roll on the green or better items that drop, since you’re passing on them – so it’s a pretty pointless option when you’re in a group with random strangers.

When you’re farming things with a friend (or even dual-boxing), though, this can be an extremely efficient way to farm and loot only corpses with worthwhile items. The character who isn’t passing on loot should ideally be the “tank” of the pair, pulling and killing most mobs; the weaker character follows behind and loots anything that sparkles. Any green or better item that drops will pop up a need / greed / disenchant / pass window for the character who isn’t passing on loot.

Sure, you’re losing out on the profits from cloth and other white and grey drops – but we were going for speed of clearing, not maximum profit, or we would’ve stopped and looted everything; this way, we still were able to collect enchanting materials and other random drops (including Schematic: Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot, which is pretty insanely rare) that we would have otherwise missed out on.

The frozen wastes of Winterspring

Posted in Achievements, Quests with tags , , on November 28, 2010 by Aeliel

To save Alieth, and anybody else attempting the Winterspring Quests achievement, the time I just spent hunting things down:

  • I think there’s meant to be a quest leading you to the Winterfall Cauldron; but I didn’t get it. I only found the stupid cauldron when I went to investigate on Wowhead why I was at 30-something quests through the achievement and I had no breadcrumbs to anywhere. The quest you pick up from the cauldron starts a long, long chain (which is extremely interesting, incidentally) that spans almost the entire zone and is worth about half the quests in the achievement by itself. Do yourself a favour and pick it up while you’re killing furbolgs for Donova Snowden if you don’t get pointed to it.
  • Speaking of that long, long chain – when you get sent to fetch the Owlbeast Dreamcatcher, go by the road rather than heading directly south from the questgiver. If you don’t, you’ll miss this guy, who’s worth three quests (and you’ll be killing the same mob for the long quest chain anyway). By the end of all this, I was at 57/60 with no breadcrumb quests leading anywhere.
  • Umi Rumplesnicker is meant to give you three quests, not two. One of them – The Perfect Horns – appears to be bugged; again, I didn’t get it. This shorts you two quests – that one, and Yetiphobia. (It might also mean that if you’re an engineer affected by this bug, you can’t learn the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti schematic; I’m not an engineer, so I’m not certain – but she used to teach the schematic to engineers who completed her chain pre-Shattering, at least. My only engineer already has it, so I can’t check.)
  • Salfa will give you at least one quest. He wouldn’t give me Delivery for Donova, probably because I’d already done Donova’s quests by the time I went to find him and it’s meant to be a breadcrumb (so check with him first), but he did give me Winterfall Activity, which counted. With Salfa’s one quest, I was at 58/60.
  • Burndl and Tanrir give you one quest each. There are no breadcrumbs leading you to them so you’ll never know they’re there unless you pass by Winterfall Village. They’re what got me the achievement.

Another oddity in Winterspring is the fact that I only got Everlook reputation out of three quests in the entire zone. (I was hoping for more, as I do still need Steamwheedle Cartel reputation for The Insane.) From looking at Wowhead, it seems that the two quests I couldn’t pick up from Umi Rumplesnicker would also give Everlook rep – but that still seems weird to me. Surely if one kill-stuff-and-bring-it-back quest that ends at Deez Rocksnitch gives rep, all of them ought to – all the NPCs involved in the quest chain are Everlook-factioned.

On having fun

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , on November 27, 2010 by Aeliel

I was in Orgrimmar just now on my bank alt, checking auctions and emptying my mailbox. I have an overabundance of Happy Fun Rocks as a result of my farming Dire Maul to repair my Steamwheedle Cartel rep before the Shattering, and they don’t sell.

So I took a few and picked out random people in Orgrimmar and threw rocks at them.

Now, I’ve been doing this since vanilla, both with rocks and with other throwables (such as Heavy Leather Balls) – not just because I have too many, but because I like seeing people’s reactions.

Back in vanilla, people I threw things at would notice and throw them back, and it would develop into a fun game of throwing things back and forth – often with multiple people.

I’ve been doing it in TBC and I’ve been doing it in Wrath, and nobody’s noticed since vanilla – until today.

As I threw my last rock, a troll druid on a trike did a /poke emote on me. I returned the /poke, and got the following emote in return:

[Person] wants to play ball!

I had no more rocks in my inventory, so I said so:

/e ran out :(

[Person] is sad :(

I had more in my guild bank, of course. So I did a /wait, ran to the bank, fetched a rock, and threw it to him.

[Person] is very happy with you! – and he threw it back to me.

At which point I threw it back to him, and we spent the next several minutes throwing the thing at each other and having fun.

I have to say, I’m liking the Shattering so far – it seems to have gotten people to pay attention to their surroundings again. People notice unusual mounts, strange animations, quest items, and so on, and actually talk to each other and have fun again.

Or it might be just my imagination, and I might be reading too much into this.

But I had fun!

Cooking dailies and you

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The new cooking dailies (Orgrimmar / Stormwind) reward you with 1-2 cooking skill and 1-2 cooking tokens, depending on the quest.

The cooking skill is most probably going to be wasted, since anybody who cares about this will be capped on cooking on their main character (I am, for instance).

The cooking tokens can be used to buy the new Cataclysm cooking recipes and Crate of Tasty Meat. The latter costs two tokens and can contain some random gray items and some random Cataclysm meat.

On your main character, you want to start doing the dailies now and spend the tokens on recipes to get an edge. The cooking skillups from the quests, like I said, will be wasted – but you’ll have recipes ahead of time. (Kaliope’s Cataclysm Cooking Leveling Guide suggests fish recipes to level up on, as those are more reliable than farmed-meat recipes.)

On any of your alts above level 10, including bank alts, unused characters and the like, you also want to start doing the dailies now (all you need is Cooking 1, so just pick up the profession if you don’t have it – no need to skill it up) – and buy the Crate of Tasty Meat every time you have two tokens.

You can then either sell the meat, or keep it to level cooking on your main. Assuming you have the recipe – which you should be able to get if you do the quests on your main before Cataclysm hits – every bit of meat you get is a fish you don’t have to fish up.